Z2 PT 9.4.0 Available for Download

Z2 PT 9.4.0 has been released in 32 and 64 bit builds for Windows and a 32-bit Linux version. More specifically, a Mint Linux 18 build. More Linux versions will be tested an supported in the future, but this being the very first Linux release, one version is more than enough as a testing workload.

Version 9.4 was delayed two weeks to fix incompatibility with Visual Studio 2010 and 2012, but this is a fairly slow task. So in the meantime we added a new class, MemoryStream, and here is where the problems started. An apparently simple line revealed serious problems with the current state of the compiler.

In order to fix this issue, we fixed 14 serious bugs, added 3 new features and did a revision of the language’s object model. These were all great steps in making the compiler significantly more stable!

But it was also time consuming and was barely finished last Wednesday. So there wasn’t any time to fix older Visual Studios. The original delay was because such incompatibility with older versions shouldn’t be a trigger point for a release, but updating the object model is reason enough, so 9.4.0 contains the above mentioned fixes, but not the VS2010/2012 fix. These fixes will come in future versions.

In addition, ZIDE got two new features: drag and drop file move and ability to kill the launched processes.

As always, a minor release will be followed by updates to it, with 9.4.1 around the corner. It already has one more important fix and 3 minor ones.

For this release, beyond the normal stuff, we are experimenting with optional opt-in newline statement terminators for the language and with precise auto-complete pop-up for ZIDE.