Post PT 9.0 Updates and OSS

Z2C PT 9.0 was announced here and on Reddit last week and released as a pre-alpha last week. So the question is: what now?

Development on PT 9.1 has started. It will contain bug-fixes, new features and library additions. But this goes for all versions from now on until the implementation is considered done, so I won’t repeat this every week. Instead I’ll talk about long term goals.

One of the Reddit questions was: why not release the source code as OSS. Now, the standard library is released as OSS, but the compiler itself and ZIDE are not. The reason I gave for this was time an perfectionism. So everything will be released as OSS. The compiler itself will be included in the standard library. Thus, it must look decent and have a stable API. The code is no where near ready for this and in consequence it is not OSSed yet.

A lot of time is needed to achieve this and in order to compensate for this, the compiler library will be split up more. A part of it will be separated as a low dependency “scanner”, a library that goes over Z2 code and builds class layout and other meta-information. This new library shall work without the compiler or the assembly and is designed to be very lenient with errors if needed, in order to provide all the code navigation features for ZIDE and other tools. So step one is to do this isolation part and refactor it a bit. This small library will be called “z2c-scan” and will be the first to be OSS. Using this, ZIDE can be OSSed as well, since it has no other dependencies.

The rest of the library will be split up again, with z2c-comp, z2-cpp and z2c-llvm being the compiler, C++ backend and LLVM backend respectively.

And a very long term refactoring process will be executed incrementally on all the code to make it fit for prime time and not leave it as ugly and dense as it can be in some places. In the early stages of the compiler, there was a goal to get it as small as possible. A pretty stupid goal and in consequence the compiler code is very dense and not that easy to maintain. This will change with time.

Other than that, there will be an update every two weeks. Even if these smaller updates are light on features, they do contain bug-fixes and will in turn create a better user experience.


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