Z2 PT 9.0 Available for Download

Here it is, our first pre-alpha release, just on time!

Well, one day latter, since when setting the release date, nobody checked to see what day it was and the 15th of August is a Holiday. No problem, the 16th is just as fine. And this isn’t even the only mistake related to this release: turns out that WordPress.com doesn’t allow you to host ZIP files and make them available for public download. So the release package will have a temporary home until a more permanent location is found:
Download z2-pt-9.0.zip for Windows 32.

As detailed in a previous post, this first release is Windows only. Future releases will be Linux too. Sorry!

So what is the status of the release? The estimation puts it 3-4 weeks behind where it was planned to be, but the delay doesn’t effect it that much. It is pretty stable all things considered. And do note, this is a pre-alpha, so don’t expect the compiler or ZIDE to be production ready. A bug-fixing patch is planned 2 weeks from now.

The delay effected the compiler and there are two known bugs in this release. For starters, aliases are so bugged that they were disabled them. Aliases are a very useful feature, but more widely used with larger projects. Our small scale testing didn’t show the bugs until it was too late. With the current implementation, there is no easy fix. What we need to do is replace this implementation with the class lookup mechanics we use everywhere else in the compiler. The reason this was not done yet because this class lookup code is scheduled for an update for PT 9.1, so working on it now would have been in wain. The second bug is related to function overloading. Last time we refactored function overloading, it was believed to be sufficient and handle all cases. Turns out there are still some issues. This will take some time to fix, so either PT 9.1 or 9.2.

The standard library came out pretty much as planned, but the two above bugs prohibited us from including the Color classes. They exhibit both the overloading bug and use aliases. There wasn’t enough time to include 3 more container classes. Including Vector, the most commonly used of them all. Scheduled for 9.1.

ZIDE was barely effected by the delay. Maybe some minor polish could have been performed, especially related to directory renaming, but it is fine for now. PT 9.1 will introduce a very early code-completion feature.

That’s about it for this post. A new post, or even better, a static page, detailing what the package contains and how to use ZIDE is in the works. That page will then be used as reference for all releases from now on so we don’t have to repeat basic instructions.


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