The site is dead, long life the site!

Hi and welcome to our new blog!

This is the official blog of the Z2 project! The project is a programming language and a research project. As a programming language, Z2 is a modern pure OOP general-purpose performance-centric design-driven systems programming language, with a rich standard library and a programming style designed around clear object relationships and lifetime rules in order to achieve automatic deterministic management of most resources without the need for garbage collection. It is similar to C++ in capabilities and performance profile, but tries to improve upon the less desirable features of C++ and better support modern programming styles and some best practices.

But enough about the project for now! We have the entire future of the blog to talk about said subject. Today I will explain why the move to a blog and what happened to the old site.

We had a full site, domain and hosting, where I started uploading some scarce content. The progress on the site was very slow because we are not web developers, nor do we enjoy such tasks. C++ programmers do not always enjoy HTML and CSS work.

When creating the site, there was an offer for multiple sites with a deep discount, so we went for it. We had a third party buy the plan so that the rest of the sites could be used for different purposes not related to the project. Why buy one site when you can buy three? This third party did not inform me that the hosting plan was approaching the renewal period, nor about the multiple warning e-mails that arrived in their inbox and the site got suspended, with the content deleted.

Luckily, there wasn’t that much content lost. The detailed version-by-version changelog was lost, as were the source code statistics. We also had a fairly long description of what the language is about.

Since nothing that important was lost, it was decided to move forward using a blog. The old site idea was ambitious, with it being a SSO solution containing project related content, documentation, blog, news, forum and a code browser, to name the main features it was supposed to have. At the current moment a simple blog should serve us better so we can concentrate on just publishing information, rather than web development. If we ever outlive the capabilities of this blog, the site will return, but this time we shall hire a dedicated web developer and the site should be finished in a couple of months at most.

The plan is to provide frequent updates using this blog. The only problem is the source code. Z2 will be open-sourced, starting with the standard library. The old site idea had the code browser component meant to offer proper syntax highlighting for the language.

With the site being dead, we will upload the code to some form of public repository, using probably either GitHub or Gitorious. This will work well as a version control and distribution platform, but shall lack proper syntax highlighting for our language, so using those services for online code browsing will be a less than ideal solution.

For the immediate future, I shall create a post detailing the project structure and versioning scheme. And I shall create a long running CrashCourse series designed to walk you though the main language features. And I shall try to pick a better theme for the blog and customize it a bit.

See you next time!


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